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Hi Guys,

I have one of those laser cutters. How can I export this Eagle file into Corel Draw? I want to cut out the holes for the headers on some thin plastic, and I have this Arduino Scaffold I found. It'd be real convenient to be able to use this instead of redrawing the whole thing myself. Thanks.


I'd look for tools that take Gerber files and output your desired type.  I see at least one for Gerber-to-SVG and I think that CorelDraw can import simple SVG.

The EAGLE files (.brd, .sch) are about the electronics, while the Gerber files are just about what materials exist where on what layers.


Check out the download area for user language programs on Eagle's site. They might have something you can use.


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Corel Draw can actually import *.ps files. I print from Eagle to an HP LaserJet 5 driver set to FILE: output. The result *.prn file can be imported into Corel Draw. It's usually grouped, you can ungroup it and select individual pads for deletion. Change the linetype to hairline and it'll cut out all around each pad. I use this to make SMD stencils on a laser.

Glad you found the Arduino Shield Scaffold useful....
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Look for a "print to PDF" printer drive.  Dopdf is one of 100's.

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