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Basit Ali engineering student from Pakistan. I want to learn and practice Arduino.

I want to buy Arduino starter kit, after search found a link from your site http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Buy where i can found local distributors for my country, luckily i found one Roboticspk.com  in pakistan.

I visit the store on-line and got very disappointed after seeing a very huge price difference approx 30 US$ difference, they are demanding 30 US$ more price than official price available at arduino.cc. Well if they are official distributor then why they are demanding more.

Can't i buy your product from Pakistan at the same price officially announced by arduino.cc.

I am waiting for positive response from you.



Hi Basit :)

You should buy the starter kit on different sites..In my country, the kit is around 90 USD (Too expensive !!), but if you looking online webs, it costs half....(My starter kit it´s on 51USD...)

(I don´t know if I can put links to other websites...I send you a MP)


Hi Basit,

I have same problem as you.
Did you find any other place to purchase the starter kit in Pakistan?


Dear Basit,

Following site will give the cheapest starter kit. I have purchased a lot of stuff from this site. Delivery is through TCS



Well, if you are in karachi, you can go to cooperative market and find shops dealing in this... I found one great supplier, his website is:


The cost, if somebody is selling you Arduino on higher price, then he might be selling it rgiht... If you go downt he road of buying yourself will cost you similar like that... I calculated, if you buy from anywhere in the world, and wanted the electronics items in Pakistan it will cost you Shipping + GST + Customs Duty... so if you buy $250 worth items, it will probably cost them around $50 to ship you, and when it has arrived in Pakistan, the courieer will ask you to pay another 25% of the total amount, so the total amount that you will be paying will be around $375. My numbers might not be correct but still you will be paying a lot more than what you see on online stores.

Anyways, a goodnews is that, we can buy Arduino Clones, you can go to the website, call the guy and you will see he has some good rates.. I he sells UNO under 1400 which is almost half of the original.

I hope I have answered you...


Hi, if you live in lahore the best price shop is www.hallroad.org  i visit and buy best also compared every web link for best price and also variety i found this org work good.
I hope you got it.


Hi guys
who is facing this problem in 2020, we are living in a country where there is no development and progress so being an engineer still I'm facing problem like this. I have purchased some arduino from different local re-seller in Pakistan but still the price is high.

I have purchased 3 arduino for some of my students from daraz and their service was so awkward, then I purchased some from homeshoping and their prices was high too. Then I keep trying and finally I got one reseller in Pakistan which is called w11stop.com/arduino and they give me a bit discounts.

I live in Islamabad and they have shipping all over Pakistan, I hope this problem is solved now in 2020. I would request if Arduino.cc can make available arduino shipping in Pakistan for students and professionals soon.

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