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I'm sure that board meets his needs, but he wants assembled boards in bulk at cheap prices. (or so I think from what has been said)

While browsing I saw this: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/seeeduino-v11-rohs-compliant-20-pcs-pack-p-229.html

It's close to what he's looking for, I believe.


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After all this talk, these are the things I'd try:

1. Approach nkcelectronics or seeedstudio and try for bulk kits, pay a friend to build them for cheap lol. (Heck I'd do it because I love soldering so much.)

2. Same as above, see if they will assemble them for a reasonable price.

3. If you really need many many boards, buy either:




buy the components yourself in large quantities, and find someone to build them.

I don't know why the freeduino (yellow board) doesn't come in a pre-assembled form. Thats why I mentioned the seeeduino. I personally would rather a DIP ATMEGA in case you blow something up. I lost my $50 arduino nano that way, no real way to replace the chip easily.

It would be easier to help if you answered my earlier question regarding how many boards you need. I can only speculate.

Options 1 and 2 have the surface mount components mounted already. Anyone with moderate experience soldering could finish the first in less than an hour and probably a half hour after that.

EDIT: Apparently that NKC arduino PCB has the analog pin labels switched around. I doubt you want that one.


Well Bhasha Technologies is also a manufacturer of Freeduino Serial and USB Boards and kits.
We also manufacture Arduino Severino, low cost version for Hobbyists.
Range starting from USD $ 9, and discounts for bulk orders.

We also make and assemble PCB.

Check out http://www.bhasha.co.cc for more details.


sneaky bastard nkc added the bare freeduino board to his stock:


Have a look at www.yerobot.com


Thanks but you are about £3 per board more expensive than other supplies I have seen, then there is the cost of P&P from the US on top of that.


My last message was in response to a post by Seeedstudio which has now been deleted.

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