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It is a DC gearmotor I found in scrap. It runs on 24v that's all I could read off the label. I typed in the part number and found a Chinese website selling the same motor but no specs. Here's the link - http://detail.1688.com/offer/1172485972.html
Any help?


What are the physical dimensions (approx) diameter and lenth & Shaft diameter.
What do you plan on using as a power source for it ?


Connect 24V and measure the no-load speed with a tachometer - that gives you
a good estimate of the motor constant.  Measure the resistance and you'll get
a reasonable idea of power level (assume 10 to 15% of power wasted in windings
for a small motor at a reasonable operating point).

The motor constant can be measured either in Nm/A or V/(rad/s).

You can find the no-load current trivially.

Efficiency for a small motor is somewhere about 60 or 70%, but is less for
a gear motor, depending on the number of gear stages (each stage might be 70%
in itself)
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Any help? 

It would help if you tell us what you THINK you can use this motor for ..

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