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Topic: Help with powering 10 solenoids +bluetooh +nano arduino. (Read 506 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello friends I am new to these Arduino, I have some doubts. I'm starting a project that will have 10 solenoids that will be controlled via bluetooh from an android phone.

As I said before I am new, but I like to read and search a lot of information. eh thereby able to create the following image of the circuit.

if possible that they can look and tell me if it is right or wrong organized my circuit, and other components.

any help or suggestions I'll appreciated. thanks


You'll need to ensure the transistors can comfortably handle 500mA (most wont) and
give more base drive - something like  220 ohm base resistors so the transistors saturate
properly or they will overheat.
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