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The challenge would be the cost of materials, about $20 (64 x $0.30 + the cost of the PCB) + a lot of soldering work.


Yeah it would be easier and cheaper to just buy them. RGB Dot Matrix modules are not too badly priced nowadays.


Maybe some 1206 SMT RGB dotmatrix will be fun? ;)


Let's see ;):  64 x $0.55 = $35.2


Well now you have me curious! I've heard that you can use an LED as an input.. somehow sensing light?

I just ordered 100 RGB common cathode LEDs($35USD, 600 free resistors) and I think 5 74HC595 shift registers, tempted to make a matrix... I need the soldering practice! Seems.. overwhelming. lol :)


Your only going to get one 8x8 matrix out of 100 LED's. Why not just buy an RGB Dot Matrix module?

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