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I'm about to build an outdoor  training clock for a friend. We made a PCB for a seven segment display made of 128 LEDs. Now I want to order a 1000 of them for six segments, but can't decide which ones.

Do you have experience, what LEDs have the best outdoor visibility? Sunlight, viewing angle ...

Water clear  red (bright) 5mm LEDs with 15 degree viewing angle  OR 5mm red Straw hat clear LEDs with 140 degrees viewing angle?

I've never used the straw hat LEDs before, that's why I'm asking



I am also interested in people having experience with led-projects with outdoor (sunlight) usage. I am considering a larger led matrix to be used outside, needing to make same decision on type of led's. Will do some tests with smaller scale samples, but if anybody will share experience it would really help!


The tens of thousands of mcd LEDS are pretty darn bright!
Try some from here, different colors available.
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