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I'm taking the liberty of writing to you about a professional projet. I'm currently working on the 1st autonomous drone system. It will have the ability to fly and track any moving subject.

I guess you might be interested on this innovative project because you like drones.
Our solution will be compatible with any type of drones (3d Robotics, Pocket Drone...) and cameras (Gopro, reflex, Red epic...).

Don't hesitate to visit http://nextlevelaerialfilming.com/ to get informed about the project.
And don't forget to sign up on http://nextlevelaerialfilming.com/#drone : be the first to get informed about the release of our innovative system.

It would be awesome to get feedback from 'aware' people.



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I am making something very similar.  I'd like to watch your progress, and in exchange will keep you updated with mine.

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