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Í'm getting verification mismatches when uploading from the Arduino GUI (1.6.12) but uploading from the command line with AVRDUDE runs flawless (on the same .hex file).

  • Programmer: Tinyloadr (usbtiny compatible)
  • ATmega328p loaded on the programmer (it as a zif socket). Project connected with wires from breadboard
  • Using James Sleeman's libraries for mega8/168/328 etc
  • ATmega8 programming runs withour error from the gui (due to RAM size, I am not able to use this one for my project)
  • ATmega328p gives verification errors (first mismatch at byte 0x0100  0x56 != 0x5e)
  • Running AVRdude with the -e parameter runs without error

Now I read an awful lot about the Arduino parameters and I tried to change them in the PROGRAMMERS.TXT file:

Code: [Select]
usbtinyisp.name=DIY ATmega: USBtinyISP

I even found PROGRAMMERS.TXT in a personal tree:
Code: [Select]

Are there any other options to try?

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