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So ive made a product using my arduino, now I want to make lots! And as part of it I want to intra-grate it into my pcb. I dont need to be able to program the chip on the board, I dont mind doing that off, so it just needs to do what it can when not tethered to a computer .

Any links would be great, as most of the searching I do returns how to make an arduino clone, and not stripping it back this much...




This may help:


or this:


it is very simple...

Just connect a crystal (or you could use internal resonator on 1mhz!)
and a power supply and you're off!




I found the tutorials at Sparkfun to be very useful - look for SparkFun -> Tutorials -> Beginning Embedded Electronics tutorials for clear instructions on building atmega-based protoboards with regulated power supply, crystal/resonator if you want it etc.

I think that if you set the appropriate fuse bit to turn off the divide-by-8 setting on the internal clock, you can run the chip at 8MHz without a crystal.

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