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Hi TriB, thanks for the answer. I know that you are a doctor in these matters.
I tried  and your code too - not secess
I dont know ECU manufacturer in my bike. I know about Denso and Mitsubishi ECU manufacturer for Kawasaki.
Theoretically, the protocols may differ, but I do not understand why kawasaki needs this.


For information.
There is a suspicion, that the motorcycle protocols for the European and American markets are different. Everything is ok with European motorcycles - there is a problem with American motorcycles - now we will check the version with K and L line for connect.


I have z1000 my2012 from USA, in this ECU there is no immobilizer and there is no sensor lambda.

I cannot connect to the ECU via the k-line bus. I use k-line, GND and + 12V from the diagnostic socket. No connection even when using ELM327 and Torque app, but with another z1000 my2017 motorcycle the connection is ok.

Before that I used arduino to connect and the result was negative.

Can you tell me what idea to make a connection?
Almost 110% of all ELM327 adapters are chinese clones and do not support proper programming (like setting the custom header, keepalive-message or initialization), nor do they support the K-Line properly.

My personal rule of thumb is: Below 50 bucks (€ or $) it´s a clone and will not work with motorbikes.
Purchasing a L9637D, some resitors and stuff will cost you 5 bucks and you will find out!

PS: My 2012 Z750r has the immobilizer but no lambda as well.


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Sorry, but I have only elm327 from aliexpress. This elm327 connect to bike my friend without trouble (z1000 my2010, but ecu z1000sx 2015+), my bike doesn't connect.

I am 100% sure in the elm327 device that it works with kawasaki using the iso14230 protocol.

I have arduino leonardo and L9637d, I could not connect to the ECU my bike.

If  use l-line additionally, there is also no result.

I don't understand which device to check the operation of k-line, except elm327

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