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Yes it is strange but maybe the TPS is limited by the ride by wire maps on the ECU while not in gear and a very low RPM.... I have to test it on the road logging the value.

I'll let you know


I just got started with this library.
I got a vfr 1200 and want to create a new cockpit.

I've order the additional component. And started with the emulator on a pi 3. But I can't get it to work with the latest version of python.

It doesn't handle request.clear()
Can you help out with a new version?



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I finally got the OBDII port hooked up to my bike and want to test the 21 08 command that TriB mentioned in post 190. I am hoping for some assistance so that when I go to try i'm not stuck researching for hours to get it to work.

Initialization command (Post 190): ATWM8012F1013E\nATSH8112F1\nATFI\nATSH8012F1

Bluetooth Terminal App:

"Bluetooth Terminal" by Qwerty

My questions:

1) do I initialize through RaceChrono App and then use a bluetooth terminal to send the 21 08 command? Or do I send the Initialisation command directly through the bluetooth terminal application?

2) To send the 21 08 command what is the exact numbers that I have to type in the command prompt?



If you want to configure RaceChrono to make it work, take a look at Anttis Forum:
There you will find all you need  8)

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