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Not my project damn it   :D  but I saw this 4x4x4 RGB LED cube on YouTube via Reddit Arduino and thought that you guys might be interested in taking a look. The guy seems to have documented the project reasonably well. It uses TLC 5940 It is in three parts and well worth a look. Part   1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnM3p2TmWXc



Nice video by GreatScott. Fascinating you shared it - - - and thus a related observation:

I have noticed there are some folks that always thinks it is GREAT when they see a YouTube video of something. Itr sort of is "true" when it is a YouTube video. I prefer reading a set of loose instructions, a circuit diagram and maybe the code. I can then hack-on and make my mashup or variation. I have a friend that was telling me about some electrial circuit (2phase/3phase stuff) and I starting look in wikipedia and other written material, and he said "no no - here look at this youtube - It explains it !" Well, so does wikipedia (and similar), the you tube is just a guy reading out loud. The pictures are usually just the same drawing that I see in text articles.

But that's it - we're all different.


Msquare yes I agree with you. i much prefer a written description with a circuit schematic, code and some written material but  hey I take it where I can get it   8)

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