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Topic: ARDUINO UNO AND GSM SHIELD ICOMSAT 1.1 SIM900 (Read 3301 times) previous topic - next topic


I need help guys am using arduino uno and icomsat 1.1 sim 900 and i want to send an sms but every time i try it tells me DB: NO RESP
and then
ERROR: SIM900 doesn't answer, check power and serial pins in GSM.cpp.
I have checked GSM.CPP and changed the serial pins to 4/5 and 3/4 txd/rxd respectively to no avail kindly help my project is due and this is driving me nuts....I have also used an external power supply of 9 volts but it still does the same?What should I use as the serial pins?


Have you check the jumper on GSM Shield? Let me know how it be..


Are you using a library for the ICOMSAT ? The internal GSM library only works with the Official Arduino GSMshield .....?

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