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I'm new to electronics and im doing some research for my professor. I need to know if there are any available plug and play kits to control  3 phase brush-less motors. I need something that is not too over the top, just enough to work. I don't know enough about the subject to build my own board and get the right software or anything like that. I need some kit or a list of items needed to create a kit in which i can control and power a 3 phase brush-less motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


3 phase motors are generally AC, high voltage, high amperage motors. Is that what you are talking about?

If not, what voltage and current are we talking about?
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the motor is a 24 volt. This is the link to the information on the motor that i have  http://www.minimotor.ch/minicatalog/pdf/Brushless/BLM2057_EN.pdf     see if that helps you out, it should have everything i could ever need to know about it.


sounds like you are looking for an ESC, check out hobbycity

from there you will just need a large battery, and some way of generating a pwm signal, the same way you would control a servo/


Well I know i don't want an ESC like whats in my rc car. I need something i can plug into a computer and run giving varying torques. speeds and position inputs. I want to do this either using a provided software or using C++ or matlab. I found a kit online   http://www.pmdcorp.com/advanced-motion-control/mc73110.cfm  this seems like it would be perfect for what i need but im not sure, there might be more kits or possibilities out there but this is a start.


To drive a 3 phase motor a ESC is the best way to go. You can most likely control the speed of it through one of your Arduino PWM outputs too.

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