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Hi,this is my last project,i have make an laser cut and now im make at home more and more item,but im linke very well the balance labyrinth,and now i make it !!

Im use :
3 servos sanwa sh102
Arduino uno R3
2 switch(one for power on/off arduino and one for power on/off servos)
one pulse for run the elevator of ball
one nunchuck (not originale) for wii
one Diy sketch for connect all item to arduino


other picture....

this is a first video of my Balance labyrith....




Neat project, it looks really nice.  You should attach your code and schematic though, especially for looking at how to use a wii nunchuck with the arduino.


hi,i have a very little problem to solve in these day,but more of big problem i have solve...
in fist time i have the problem with a non original nunchuck,but the original work and the non original not,im not know why.....
after my problem is to move the elevator servo with a pulse,(for me is a second very seroius project after my first project ,blink and other)   but im read on web more and more code and i make a mix of all and insert a code for my elevator,after i undestand how work and set it with a angle.
now,my problem is use a pulse on nunchuck for run elevator,but i want make this system:
im press "start"
from this situation is possible use max 5 elevation,the elevation number 6 not run,
now the elevator is at not work down,when press start go up but if im depress start at 1/2,it inverse and go down...im not like,im now want make anothe little step and pressonly one  for few second and the elevator go up,wait 2 second and after go down,in these time(from it go up and it stop down) if im depress start or not,not change nothing...

when im solve this "problem" im insert here all code.
thanks and best regards

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