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Hi people. I'm going crazy trying to connect using GPRS.
I have a Aduino Uno and a EFCom Pro GPRS/GSM Module.
Hadware:  I connected Module Rx and Tx to Arduino D2 and D3. I also powered the Module.

Sw: I'm trying with this sketch: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/GSMToolsTestGPRS
The serial monitor shows up to "Attaching to GPRS with your APN..." and then nothing happens.

The Sim card is OK, the module is Ok (I've already used with other sketchs for SMS and everything works).

I;m not sure but it seems it is a problem with the serial conection between the Arduino and the Module. I used D2 and D3 because those are the pins a Shield uses to commnicates with the Arduino, but maybe something is wrong.

When a SMS sketch is uploaded to the Arduino (not using a Serial Monitor) I connected through D0 and D1, it works Ok.

Any help please!!


This example you are trying is using a library specify to the Arduino GSM shield, which is very different form the module you are using. You need to get the correct library for the EFCOM module to make it work.

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