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Hello. Sorry if I seem short, I've been trying to flash my r2 for three hours    :smiley-roll-sweat:.  I am using a good build a dfu-programmer on 10.9.2. Everytime I try to flash my r2, dfu-programmer reports 'no device present'. It is un DFU mode (the light flashes on short) and USB Prober shows it fine! It cannot be detected by the IDE because it has HID keyboard firmware on it.
USB Prober:
Code: [Select]
     Device VendorID/ProductID:   0x03EB/0x2FEF   (Atmel Corporation)
        Device Version Number:   0x0000
        Number of Configurations:   1
        Manufacturer String:   0 (none)
        Product String:   1 (none)
        Serial Number String:   0 (none)

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