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If you are reading this.. you have purchased an Arduino Motor Shield and then sadly failed to find any libraries to support stepper motor connection.
We need support for unipolar, bipolar, motors with full stepping, half stepping and micro stepping modes.

Seems crazy for me to write my own library to support a proprietary shield!

Many thanks in advance.


That is exactly the sort of thing we need.... But sadly it is not a library designed or written to work with the Arduino Motor Shield and the Adafruit libraries don't work either for the same reason.. Different chips etc.


Reading material.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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Thank for the link.. But, that wasn't really my point. Google works very well for this sort of thing.
The point I'm making is that the Arduino "dudes" making and selling the Arduino badged shields should be encouraged to write some libraries.

It is pretty silly for each person who buys a motor ,shield to then spend time writing their own (I'm sure very clever) code.
E.g. The Arduino Motor shield has the capability to do stepper motor microstepping, so, why don't they (the guys making and selling the boards) spend a weekend writing a library to do that easily?

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