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Hi everyone,

I'm new to PCB layout but I'm trying to put my simple circuit on a PCB. I downloaded eagle and the arduino serial single ended file. I found the file impossible to work since the parts are not aligned to the 0.1" grids. How do I realign the parts? Should be easy but I can't find it. Any quick tips? Thanks. I just need bare minimal ardino with crystal so it should be easy except I have a bit of learning curve. Thanks.
BTW, is the single-sided arduino serial board metric? That would explain why the positions won't fit on my inch spacing.
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Better to change your "grid" settings until it works for you than to move all the components around...  The original Arduino is just "off grid"; the board partially because it's very common to move components to finer positions to tighten things up, and partially "other";  I've never quite figured out why the schematic is off-grid...

There are "ULPs" that will put the components on-grid for you
"run cmd-snap-board"  for the board (which will make quite a mess!) and
"run snap-on-grid-sch" for the schematic, which seems to work pretty well.


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Eagle may start up with a funky grid - press F10 for .05" grid

To move individual components to grid . . .
Move tool, select component, CTRL, left click 2x


westfw and sparks, thanks a lot. I will try more. Actually all I want is a bare system on a pcb. Then the arduio pins will line up with a 16x2 LCD's pins. This should not take much time but I'm noob.
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Sparks you are a legend, didnt know about the CTRL + 2x left click :D

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