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Topic: L33TG33KG34R-WiFiLoudMouth V1.0 (WLM10 for short) (Read 745 times) previous topic - next topic


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Hey guys,

Please check this out: http://leetgeekgear.blogspot.com/

Its a WiFi module I made based on the RN-131G/C module from Roving Networks. It is exactly like the WiFly from Sparkfun, but instead of SPI, its serial and its a standalone not a shield. Plz leave feedback or comments if you have any. You can find me on the Sparkfun IRC channel as "L33TG33KG34R" or just leave some comments, criticism etc here on this thread. Its under a B33RW4R3 license...

I know that there are cheaper modules even fully integrated Arduinos like the ones from AsyncLabs that are cheaper... But if you are still interested I will be taking preorders soon... Thanks for your time...

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