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Topic: How do you connect 4x4 Button Pad PCB + 4 Arcade Buttons to an Arduino Uno? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well.

I am looking for some help regarding connecting a 4x4 Sparkfun Button Pad PCB with blue LEDS:


and 4 Arcade buttons, which will act as Loop, Play, Pause and Rec buttons, directly to an Arduino Uno board:


Many Thanks for your help in advance :)


Hi Cabron,

Tell us more about the application. What else will the Uno be doing? Which blue Leds will you be using and will you need to fade them? Do you have all the other parts needed to use that Sparkfun board? Is there a Sparkfun tutorial for the board and have you read it?



Hi Paul,

I am working on a MIDI Controller.

The 16 button will act as a sequence and will respond only when being pressed.

The other 4 Arcade buttons will also respond only when being pressed and will have various functions (e.g. one for Play, another for Stop etc).

I am using these LEDs: http://www.cricklewoodelectronics.com/Cricklewood/product.php?productid=18244&cat=0&page=1

I don't mind whether they fade or not. I haven't found a Sparkfun tutorial, this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Sugarcube-MIDI-Controller/ but a 74HC595 shift register is being used and I don't.


I can't see the picture you posted.

Not sure what you mean by buttons only responding when pressed. A button would not be very useful if it responded when not being pressed, would it?

I don't know anything about MIDI, sorry. How many Arduino outputs will be available for the buttons?

Try a 1K resistor on one of your LEDs. Is it bright enough like that? If not, you may need some transistors also.

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