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Hello, I´m here in order to get some advice.

The question is that i was building a coilgun, with some search i understood the more the voltage , the more jules on the capacitors and mre energy on the shoot, now i have a secure capacitor bank and a reinforced coil , the thing that leasts is a powerful cap charger, i was using a camera flash charger to get 330v, but with 4000uf is killing me the 10 minuts to charge.

Aweek ago i got my first arduino for making a cnc, but while i build the hardware of the cnc, im doing experiments with arduino and came across this web http://nuclearrambo.com/wordpress/very-simple-high-voltage-converter-boost-converter/

I mounted the circuit and i reach easly 460v on a 600v capacitor, but by cap bank is rated 400v and i want to use a voltage comparator to shut down the oscilating sketch on arduino with the signal of the comparator like they do in this circuit:
Subido en subir imagenes
I use the arduino becose i am not lucky with the pcb making pcroces adn can´t make the second circuit, but i want to stop my caps from exploding, so, how i can connect the lm393 to the arduino and how i have to change the sketch to make it stop when te voltage is reached and star again when it is less than the voltage set?


Thanks to this web i have a basic understanding of voltage comparators, but i dont know how the vref coming from 9 volts can be the reference for 400v, i suppose these tro resistances of 1m and 10k make a voltage divider that lefts arround 9v in the center, no?

Also, it is common to have a bleeding resistor for safe in the caps in order to slowly discharge them whn they are left charged, the voltage divider can be used as the bleeding resistor?

Thanks to anyone who will answer me.

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