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I really appriciate your comments and help - thank you very much.

But if the explanations I have really tried to do is not enough - I think I am not able to do much better in a foreign languid.
I realize I have to do better and continue on my own from here.
You have really tried to help and also given me valuable help which I appreciate.

Best regards
Frede Kristensen


There is a Scandinavian language section.


PS. I wish I could do any language other than English as well as you do English.
Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Thank you very much.

I have now re-written part of the sketch and removed the section with interrupt controlled pushbutten function as a main change.
That solved the issue.
Everything works now and I can go on with the coding of the sketch.

Obs. I didnt know about the Scandinavien section - tks for this advise.

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