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Can't order from Fundamental Logic anymore and I'd like some DuinoStamp boards for some permanent projects.  Anyone know where I can locate some?
Thanks in advance.
Okay to email me: onemanband@cox.net
Fred Olivas


They do indeed seem to be out of stock everywhere I just checked.

If you're looking for permanent solutions, why don't you build standalones?  They're certainly cheaper than Stamps.

You can buy the preprogrammed ATmega328s almost anywhere.



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I too own one DuinoStamp board. I use it to program blank mega8/168/328 chips using a USBtiny programmer. I meant to buy some extra blank boards but never got around to it. Too bad if the source 'drys up' as I though it was the best 'standalone' option for my use. Maybe the art work will show up someday and someone kind will etch up some blanks for sale?



l according to the RSS, your email is fred*****@hotmail.com

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