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I'm looking into using  an old Samsung Lithium battery from an old cellphone to power my Arduino Uno.
The battery is rated at 3.7V, 1000mA. I've got 2 questions

1. Charging the battery
I've purchased the following 1A Lithium Battery Charging Board

The board has a fixed 1.2K resistor mounted to facilitate the 1A charging.
I read that the charging current should be  37% of the battery capacity, so in my case it would be about 370mA.

Am I correct in saying that I should replace the 1.2K resistor with either a 4K (to have 300mA current) or a 3K (to have 400mA current ?). Would the 4K or 3K option be a safe way to charge this battery using the board ?

Using the battery on Arduino
Now, as my Arduino board expects a 5V input, I guess I also need some kind of DC-DC Converter Step Up Boost Module ?
(I tried hooking up the battery to the VIN pin of the 5V Arduino and it did seem to work, but I guess supplying the required 5V would be better).

I was looking at something like this >

This could take my 3.7V battery input and convert it into a stable 5V output, required to power the Arduino.

Would this kind of setup make sense ?


The latter half of your question is answered here:
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