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the IT dept. here at work jumped on me yesterday..
i had clicked on the REFERENCE tab at the top of the page and wanted to print out some of the information on the page to read for later.. the printer here went nuts, i thought it was a bad print, so i redid the copy...it went nuts again and then shut down and made a call for service... i just thought the printer broke down. so i used my local desktop printer, and it printed out just fine.

later i got the email from IT,,,this is what it said...

FYI - Whoever tried to print from the website http://arduino.cc
please do NOT use that website as it has multiple viruses.

FYI - If the copier machine has a "system code" reference box pop up again, Mr. Ricky stated to:
1.   Press the "shut down" key (on the side of the copier)
2.   Inform everyone in the building to delete all print jobs
3.   Wait 3 minutes and
4.   Then cut the machine back on and it should work.

maybe someone needs to check this out ?
why would it mess up the office wide printer, and not be a bother to the stand alone local printer ??



why would it mess up the office wide printer, and not be a bother to the stand alone local printer ?

My suggestion is that you have a crap IT department who doesn't know what it is doing.


ya, out IT Dept is a joke....
i can only guess when i tried to print out the page (pages 2-5) the printer did not like it,.and had brain freeze and crapped out junk copies...sort of looked like the matrix ( where all the numbers etc. raining down)
then the 2nd time it just locked up....lol
the printer is a Ricoh brand - China Crap


I would agree that the website (software) has multiple issues.

Conflating that with viruses however, does not reflect favourably with the competence of said department.

Oh well, just sit quietly, wait and see what the rogue printer does to everyone else in due course ...


What browser and driver did you use to print the website?

I often do a print to PDF first (so I can check the layout, fonts and other horror) and then print the PDF to paper (sometimes).
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