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I have no idea if this will be of interest to anyone here, but I just completed a task of controlling an AJA Kumo HD Video router using the RS-422 port and an Arduino.   The Kumo routers are to be placed in some of our microwave remote trucks and they needed a small front-console mounted way to switch a couple different sources.  The Kumo's are controlled from a built in web interface or a remote (ethernet connected) single rack unit control panel.  Far too large (and expensive) to install in a truck center console.

The routers also have a RS-422 port that supports the Grass Valley 7000 protocol.  That is what I used.  It took me a while to wrap my head around the GVG 7000 commands, so to save anyone else the time, I've posted my code (and some docs for the GVG 7000 and Kumo's) on my website.  I was able to install the arduino and board (SN75179b, button interconnects and LED resistors) in a small half-rack unit box that fit perfectly in the center console.

Like I said, this may make most people's eyes glass over, but if you need it, here it is.

Grab the 'aja-router-ctl', or any other files you like.


Good luck


This is awesome! We have been going crazy trying to control one of these. Thanks to you, we were able to figure out that the documentation from GV was wrong!


Glad to be of some assistance.  It seems that AJA implemented sort of a subset of the GVG 7000 protocol, just to make it a challenge.

Good luck with your project.

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