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Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone has made there own arduino mega? I imagine its easer to make the 1280 version, any1 given it a bash?


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You mean using the mega board files?

People have made a number of boards using the ATmega 1280 or 2560 chip (or just other ATmega SMD chips which have less pins).

I have not seen any boards produced 'at home' with the ATmega 1280 on but I have seen other SMD chips done on home-made circuit boards.

So... what exactly is the question? ;)


Thanks for your response. Basically I want a board that I can get etched on a milling machine, which has the atmega1280 chip and which I can run in the arduino environment. Any eagle files in the public domain that I could use?


Basically I want a board that I can get etched on a milling machine

How accurate's your milling machine?

So basically you're looking for a single layer board. I don't think I've seen any...



yip I have, that forum started to get a bit off topic so I reposted to see If I would have more luck. Thanks for your help mate  :)


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I can etch 2 layer myself but it takes so much time just to make 1 board and its not the cheapest, I used a mega clone board (yes made in china and cost about £3) then built with custom components e.g larger 2560 chip  :)

check my post out for images of the build:

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