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I`m new to this, and try to learn programming.
I have a project that including Arduino uno, and 2 angle measurements, 0-90 degrees , and my thoughts is to use rotary encoder for this.

Its about 5 meters from the sensor to the arduino.
Is the AMS AS5600 a good choice? Using PWM, and calibrate with 3-wire mode?

or any better solutions?


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That looks really cool.

I'd use I2C any day, simply as it's the easiest and most reliable. Just that 5m distance, that's a problem... Analog output would be my second choice for relative ease of reading (according to AMS's instruction video its output is ratiometric), PWM if there's too much noise for analog but it's harder programmatically (you need to perform accurate timing).

That said, as you need only 90° a traditional pot would do just fine as well. You use it over about 1/3 of the range so you get about 330 points on the analog scale. Hard to imagine that that is not precise enough.
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