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Hi there, Arduino People!

Visual:Drumset is my newest Arduino project. With it, I won the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica 2013 in the category u19 - Create Your World. I used Processing for visualizing percussion beats right on a set of drums, based on Projection Mapping. I also used the Android Mode of Processing to create an app that can modify the visuals on the drums via Bluetooth.

The hardware I used was an Arduino Uno and piezo vibration sensors.

Check it out at http://drum.dominikkoller.net/
(Sorry, the website is currently in German only. The setup-video has English subtitles, though. Just enable them in the youtube player.)

(This one is in English)

Let me know what you think!


Such a creative project! Keep on with your good work! ;)


Nice one...do you have an APK file of your visual drumset? 'tis good


This totally rocks!! I gotta Alesis DM10 I might have to try that with it, just cause it looks so cool. Nice work.


that's a nice project and you worked good on visual drum set.

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