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Graynomad, you have a point. But the issue is that 01i Is obviously not familiar with this kind of stuff, and if he wants a circuit diagram quick and easy for us to see then fritzing automatically creates one from your breadboard design.


Yeah there's no easy answer. Learning the proper schematic capture progs is a real pain, no doubt about it. And it could put someone off for life  :)

I haven't used Fritzing, I've looked at the site a few times and it's not made clear that it will generate a schematic. Is that the case?

Later...I've drilled down into a few pages and yes it does seem to export to a schematic (not easy to find though), if that's the case then yes I'd say it's a good way to get started.


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The version of Fritzing I've downloaded can do breadboard, schematic and PCB.

Although, work on the scanner will now need to wait a few days.

The parts to build my cupcake cnc machine just arrived :)

Should have a better idea of robotics when I finished making it.

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