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Topic: Can't locate RX0 on the baord. Looking for Digital 0 pin. [pro mini 5v] (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I am trying to get the MIDI IN  functionality for my Pro Mini 5v.  So far i have had no luck getting even the simplest code to work. (one that blinks pin 13 LED to indicate incoming midi messages) I have tried both MIDI library and tutorials on reading Bits and Bytes. However I do not think that the problem is in the code, I believe that I am soldering the wrong pins.

I see that there are two pins on the pro mini labeled RX1 and TX0... one of those pairs is connected to my Pro Mini USB interface. Does the other one do the exact same function?

The MIDI schematics from different tutorials tell to connect the midi wire to RX0 (which I assume is the digital pin 0) and I see no label on the Pro Mini labeled RX0.

thank you.
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Yes, they are the same (hence the same label) the pins on the short side of the board are placed there for convenience while connecting it to a serial adapter, as you did.
You have to make sure that this pin is exclusively used for the goal you need it to be.
That means remove the USB/serial adapter while in normal use (e.g. not uploading your sketch).
That again means you need to work out an alternative way to power the Pro Mini.
Have a look at "blink without delay".
Did you connect the grounds ?
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