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I'm designing my first Arduino-compatible board and would really appreciate any feedback you might have. The idea is to put a 5V Pro Mini on the same PCB as a Bluetooth module and two relays. The board would be useful for a variety of different projects, as the Bluetooth will allow you to remotely turn the relays on and off (think home automation, or robotics).

Here's the schematic and board layout:


Eagle Files

As I mentioned, this is my first time making an Arduino-compatible board, so any advice you might be able to offer would be much appreciated!


A small remark,

Skipp R5, R9, LED5 and LED6. LED1 is already indicating "Power On".

And the other recommendation is to NOT have anything obstructing the upper part of the BT module that can interfere with the antenna. So I would have either have all PCB traces in the lower part or even have the BT module sticking out on the outside of the PCB.

And I compressed the schematic in the attached sch.



Thanks! Great observation on the redundant LEDs, and the cleaned-up schematic looks great!

Really appreciate your help!

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