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I just finished project #5, and everything seems to be working okay.  However, I've got a question about the pot.

When I turn the pot, I would expect to see a nice range of values show up, stretching smoothly from about 0 to about 1023.  Instead, there's a huge jump from around 50 to 950.  Turning the pot as slowly as I can, I see the values advance smoothly from 0 to 50, then from 950 to 1024, with almost no readings in between.

I've tried all three pots provided in the kit, and they all behave the same way.  Is this something that's to be expected?  Is there anything I can do mitigate this?


Hi outzenj

Can you copy and paste the code you are using into a post. Use the code tags (# button above the smileys) to make it easier to read.

And can you post a diagram or photo to show how the pot is connected to the Arduino.

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So I'd already moved on to the next project; I decided to go back and rebuild this one to take a picture  And whaddayaknow, it works just fine.  I tried a couple different variations on the wiring to try to recreate the problem, but no luck.

So I have no idea what I did wrong the first time.  If anyone has any ideas as to what could cause an issue like this, I'd be interested, but for now I'll just chalk this up to electronic imps.

Thanks for the response!

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