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I am quite newbie about Arduino Yun, and I am using the Yun for my bachelor thesis. I wanna graph the sensor datas and Plot.ly is the easiest to understand and write the codes for me. But, I have a problem about installing the Plotly files to Yun because my Linux knowledge is also limited. And I followed the tutorial from plot.ly website:

1. Open up your computer's terminal and move to where you downloaded this folder:

Code: [Select]
$ cd ~/Downloads/plotly_yun
$ ls

Arduino         Linino          README.md

2.Copy all of the files from the Linino folder to your Linino

Code: [Select]
$ scp -r Linino/* root@arduino.local:/root/

a TON of stuff will print out, don't worry!

3. Cruise into your Linino and install python-openssl:

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$ ssh root@arduino.local
root@Arduino:~# opkg update
root@Arduino:~# opkg install python-openssl

The problem is that I am using PuTTY for terminal and after I login the IP. I cannot open poltly_yun file or copy Linino.
In my terminal codes are start with
Code: [Select]
In tutorial, it is not!!!

Can you give some suggestion about how I can install this libraries to Yun?


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opkg update
opkg install python-openssl #adds ssl support to python
opkg install distribute #it contains the easy_install command line tool (this can take some time)
easy_install pip #installs pip  (this can take some time)
pip install plotly #(this can take some time)



When I tried to use last command

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pip install plotly

The network is crashing down and I couldnt install it.

P.S. I am following this tutorial(https://github.com/plotly/arduino-api/tree/master/plotly_yun) but I couldnt figure it out how to install the plotly to Yun. Both way(that you recommended and this site recommended) isnt working for me. I couldnt find any other sources about plotly for Yun.


Before pip install plotly:

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Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs                16130332    523296  14797772   3% /

After pip install plotly:

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Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs                16130332    527556  14793512   3% /

~4MB has been used.

show us your output of df.


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