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Hi guys. I'm working on a project with 20*4 LCD and matrix keypad and RTC. I need to make a menu, that let's you set a dated alarm witch triggers a relay. I found this http://liudr.wordpress.com/libraries/phi_prompt/ .

I managed to get the LCD working. I just need to help with controlling the whole menu using matrix keypad.
There are some examples included with these libraries, but i can't manage to get it working.

Can someone show me, how to get that working?



Hi NedelkaO,

You will need to give much more information if you want to get any real help.

  • links to the data sheets or at least descriptions of each component you have

  • a circuit diagram/schematic

  • your sketch so far

  • a detailed description of what you want to happen



I'm pretty sure you need the correct back pack on your LCD for that library to work. It's a NICE back pack. :-)

Look on inmojo.com

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