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I am able to connect and control my Yun via WiFi with my laptop now, but I can't get my Nook HD+ to perform the same function.

All I need to do for now is simply send Bridge commands to my Yun.  For example I can send a myYun.local/arduino/digital/13/0 command from my laptop Firefox browser and get a response back on the browser.  But when I try to issue a command from the Nook using the Firefox browser I get an "server not found" screen on the browser.  The Nook, laptop and Yun are all on the same network, my MiFi router. 

Obviously some configuration on my Nook is incorrect, but I have gone over everything and can't find anything.

Help!  Thanks,



I guess Nook doesn't have bonjour installed. Use the IP address or set up a local DNS server


That worked!  Thank you Frederico!

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