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Just putting out some feelers. Besides my full time design job, I also do contract design. I have just finished a PCB based on the ConnectOne - Wi2Wi. chipset for 802.11 communications. At my "real" job, I use Arduino for rapid prototyping and one offs. Anyways, I'm going to need 802.11 solution for a Ardino project. It will be interfaced to a Mega2560, so I thought I would reuse the design and change the form factor to a "shield".
I have attached a pic of one the prototype PCB's just for a look see.
The prototype is nothing more than ConnectOne's Secure Socket iWiFi with a PS and interface logic added. http://www.connectone.com/products.asp?did=73&pid=61

The shield would be an interface for the module from ConnectOne and include:
Mega2560 form factor
3.3Volt power supply (maybe a 5.0V for the Mega)
3.3 to 5.0 volt level shifting for communication.
Headers for the Secure Socket iWiFi. (you buy your own from Mouser, ~$50
RS232 port for configuring the ConnectOne part off of the Mega via ConnectOne's tool.
Pass through headers for stacking the Mega2560.
various LED's and switches   ;)

Any interest? If so, we'll work out the details later.



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