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Jan 11, 2011, 03:35 pm Last Edit: Jan 11, 2011, 03:35 pm by wissy Reason: 1
Hello, wondering if anyone has done any work on pellet stove interfacing with an Arduino? I am looking for someone to write some software for me.




I didn't see any reference in a search .. but this may help get the pellets loaded if that is a goal.


Also - generally you won't get as good of a response asking for people to write the software for you but the community is here to help you learn and do what is needed.  If you can provide some specs on what is desired along with details on what you have tried / where you are hitting issues that will help get solid feedback.  

Even just a design worked up may help you get started.


These guys basicly have it all figured out but pricy solution,


I would like to put together something like this but with greater flexibility to add on more control, basics that come to mind are

Thermostat temp and time control.

3 Fan speed controllers

2 Auger speed controllers

Temperature sensors

gas sensors

I am not at all a programmer but I do see need for certain technology being brought together to make things work better.

Would really like to work with someone on this.




Last months popular mechanics had an article on wood burning stoves, etc.  Pretty interesting concept.  

It will be a bit tough to work on a project with someone else that is not local to yourself due to the fact that the hardware is involved and the build process will be iterative.

Do you have a pellet stove now and are looking to augment it?

Have you worked in this space (pellet stoves) and are just looking for an automation process or are you learning about the pellet stove along the way?


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Hi,  , I heat the house with a pellet stove I recently installed, I buy pellets, am working on making pellets, also a pellet fired gasifier to run gas motors with, lots of projects on the go. The stove is beside me and is part of my everyday chores. I have the skill and tools to fabricate, weld, wire ect and am in the process of develuping pellet burners that will requior software like this to get better efficiency.


Wissy, you may want to look at a cheap PLC to get your prototype up and going. PLC would make the hardware interface easer.

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