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does anyone have a fritzing diagram for a basic shield, something that just brings the pins up to another board?


Hi bullethole,
Here are the steps to get there:

- switch to PCB view
- drag an Arduino onto the PCB
- adjust the PCB shape.

Done :)

(You can also turn it into the standard Arduino shape by selecting the PCB and then change the property "shape" in the properties panel on the right to "Arduino shield". You will notice little guidance boxes for perfectly aligning the pins.)


Andre.. thanks for this.. maybe i can bother you a little.  What I really want to do is have a board that plugs in a Mini Pro (as if it were a socketed device)  I have that on my schematic, which connects to the external world with an RJ45 linked to the serial pins (so i can plug a FTDI cable into a small board that takes the signals to the companion RJ45.  The Pro will drive a KS0108 LCD via 20 wire ribon cable and 3 buttons.

Is there a library of Fritzing parts (I can't seem to find a RJ45

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