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I want to know if i can putany element i anoyone pin and then programme it?


Your question does not make any sense in english. Would you like to try again, maybe with more details?



What I've to do to connect any element on Arduino UNO..
There are specials pins for the elements, or I just can put it and then programme it.


Sorry, "any element" does tell me what you wish to connect to your arduino. What do you mean by 'element'?



I want to know if i can putany element i anoyone pin and then programme it?


The Arduino has analog pins used for 10bit sampling of 0..5V (unless AREF pin is used), other pins are digitAL IO only, some pins have hardcoded I2C, analog pins can be used as digital output but digital pins cannot be used as analog, pin13 is special, as it has a build in led, pin 0 and 1 are RS232, pin 2 and 3 can be used for ISR()'s other pins might also be usable for ISR()'s but at least that is far more difficult. Then there are PWM pins ...

Fortunately there is the tutorial section - http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/HomePage - where a lot is explained how to use the different pins.

If you prefer a book try - http://www.earthshineelectronics.com/files/ASKManualRev4.pdf - it can be downloaded free and contains a lot of information. Don't know if that is the last version though.
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Pin D13 has in internal LED & current limiting resistor, if an exernal LED is used an external current limit resistor should also be used.
Pins 0 & 1 are serial lines at TTL levels (no-activity level is High, Low indicates the start bit coming in); not true RS232, which can use levels from +/-3 to +/- 15  or more, the high voltage being the no-activity level.
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