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Can anyone help or suggest about programming for our project.  We do not know how to start. Our project entitle driving strategist. The project will aid the driver. The project compose of our main input is the Accelerometer, Arduino controller, and the LED for display.

Red Led = slow down
Green Led = go

Thank you very much


You're pretty vague on what you want to do so its hard to help.  If you want to build something to keep you from speeding then you're out of luck with just an accelerometer, which only measures acceleration, not speed.

You could integrate acceleration to get speed but you'd also integrate the noise which would give you a speed estimate that drifts over time.


Use a gps module to measure speed instead of accelerometer. Here is a blog post I made on how to hook up a popular gps to arduino. You can download the code including the library that I used. Getting speed from the gps is very straightforward like gps.getSpeed() :)


If you really want to use accelerameter, you could stick it on the wheel and it will tell you speed :) That is exactly what I do in one project  ;D
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


thank you for your help and reply. sorry i made wrong. our project is not measuring the speed. We use accelerometer to get acceleration and aside from that it detect tilts. Our project will aid the driver. The hardware will send signal to the driver and the signal will be LED DISPLAY. The driver will choose either he will follow the signal or not. Also our project will focus on fuel efficiency.


If the driver go left. Our hardware will act and create signal via LED.

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