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Cheater will this support the KS0108 graphical LCDs?

No it wont but thats next on my list if these take off.


Update: The PCBs have arrived. All 109 of them. :D

Boy are they tiny. About the width of my thumb and its significantly longer than them. ;)
Should be fun soldering. 11 components have to fit in to that tiny space.


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cheater are you going to sell them?  I would like to pick one up for a 4x20 I have


cheater are you going to sell them?  I would like to pick one up for a 4x20 I have

Yeah just waiting on the SMD parts to go on the PCBs.
Should have some made along with all the programming done in a couple of weeks.

If you want to see the PCBs then go here: :)


I have a *really* shocking ability to judge sizes from a photo.
0805 is freaking tiny. ;)

I've finally gotten all the parts and I've got one board half done.
TQFN parts are a pain. Nearly got it first shot but cant line it up properly now. :(
I'll try again tomorrow.


whats the word cheater, been over a month since your last post on this one?


I've got a whole pile soldered up. :)

Problem is programming them now.
I need to figure out a way to attach the programmer without soldering anything.
Its difficult. :(


How about pogo pins a.k.a. bed of nails?


Copper finishing nails and a block of wood make an ideal test bed.
I find the easiest method is to place the PCB over the block of wood and drill _tiny_ holes through any vias/holes in the board and through the wood (use a drill press). From this I can usually bang copper nails in nice and straight.

How you wire the test bed is an exercise for the reader. Perhaps an Arduino pumping data into the board and also emulating an HD44780 comparing input to expected output?


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so what ever happened to your project?

did you get them programmed?


Yeah, if you get these programmed and for sale, I think I would be interested in one.  Software Serial is just not cutting it for me.


Just to add my order for 2 of these... Please update us on your progress....


ping.... ing.... ing....?

this thing on?

sure would love a few of these LCD backpacks...:)

any word?  it has been a little while...


Given his recent absence from IRC I think Cheater has been a little...distracted. :D



There is an LCD shield available from NUELECTRONICS in the UK

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