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We've made a prototype for an Arduino version of our product TellStick, this makes it easy to control socket receiver such as Nexa, Proove, Home Easy, CoCo, Intertechno etc from Arduino.
We would like to know your opinion and interest about it, and depending on your feedback we might make a shield available for purchase.

A photo is available here:

Aslo, what do you think about the shape? Is there any restictions to the size and form factor?

Telldus Technologies


If there is no reason that your shield MUST be on top, adding full headers for all pins, including the ICSP pins would be a good idea.

Reaching the reset pin on the Arduino, under your shield, could be a problem. Adding a reset pin on your shield would be a good idea, too.
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Looks great and is definitely interested.

Please make sure i doesn't have to be on top like previous poster.
* If the antenna position could be towards the front (usb) side of the Arduino but still not in the way of the USB port or the Ethernet jack if it sits between the Aurdinio board and the Ethernet shield.

* Make sure that if this bord is mounted above an ethernet shield that the board doesn't inflict on the space used by the ethernet jack which unfortunately is higher that than the hight of the pin headers.

As a note, the ethernet jack is located above the USB port compared to the arduino board.

Otherwise... I'll buy one...or more.
I was thinking of letting the Arduino talk to a PC equipped with a tellstick but would rather have everything managed directly from the Arduino.

//Peter, another Swede


Sorry, forgot. Make the antenna mounted at the same side as the Arduino USB.
If mounted in a closed space that side is usually free/available.


I'm interested as well. I have your USB Tellstick now and I'm very happy with it.   :D

I also just bought an Arduino UNO and would like to be able to talk RF with that as well.

I was thinking of being able to move the antennae off the board and mount them on the outside of a box. I guess a shielded extensioncord could do that. In that case a detachable antenna (screw mount) is imperative.

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