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We're a group of students working on our final year college project, we're trying to build a 6 degrees of freedom motion platform and we're facing few problems, we'd love if anyone can help us with them.I've attached a PDF file of a similar project to ours, we've got the idea and most of our work from it.
We're using Arduino uno to control 6 servos, we want to show this movement on a computer screen, when we move the aircraft in FSX or X-Plane we want the platform to move with it.
We'd love if anyone can help us in programming the arduino and also in the interferance part between the arduino and FSX or X-Plane.
We'd really appreciate your help. I hope I can get a reply from anyone as soon as possible.


I think better for you, program X-sim. Its work with Uno. And need Arduino open source PID control firmware.

see attach

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