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Hey, I'm new at this forum and in the arduino's world so my first step to start is chose a kit. But what kit? I've been looking for some interesting kits and I want to know your opinions about it.

Kit 1 http://www.dx.com/es/p/keyes-new-starter-kit-for-arduino-fans-white-305196#.U5obi3J_ut1

Have Funduino boards any compatibility problem with oficial arduino?

Kit 2: http://www.banggood.com/Arduino-Compatible-UNO-R3-Starter-Kit-Set-Upgraded-Version-With-RFID-p-908543.html

(link to trademark violator removed)

The same question about compatibility with de (name of trademark violator removed) boards.

Thanks for your time and if you want you can suggest other starter kit. Any reveiw is welcome  XD.


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