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Topic: what kind of battery to use for arduino uno+ rfid shield + wifi shield? (Read 2129 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello guys,

I have a project in order to make an autonomous door locker.. I will use arduino uno + rfid shield( in order to detect mifare cards to access in the room) +wifi shield(in order to send data in a database) + electric lock (12vdc).. I have write the code and it runs perfectly.. But i want the arduino dont take power supply from pc, but from battery in order to make system more autonomous.. Do anyone knows what kind of battery and power supply, i have to use?? 
Thanks a lot


No battery will last more than a few hours with an Arduino Uno + shield + door locker.

(Well, maybe a 12V truck battery might go for a few days, if we're being pedantic, which we usually are in these forums).

Don't want to use a PC? Use a 5V USB phone charger instead.

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Thank you for the response.. In fact, i dont want to use pc or any cable for charging, but i believe  that will be difficult, because of the high current consumption of wifi.. i am looking for a battery that can long over 15 days...

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