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Hello all not sure if this is an appropriate place, but a google search led me to a similar problem here..

I have a Universal Fitness 795 recumbent exercise bike that got for free, the only issue is that the resistance doesn't change.. My better half was ok with that .. but i started looking online and saw that it seems to be a simple electrical issue most of the time... So i tore into the bike... and saw that it has a motor that is supposed to turn and adjust the tension on bicycle wire/cable which in turn pulls the resistance...

After opening it up further i find that there is a motor that turns the tension knob which is attached to a potentiometer i think which is supposed to control or signal when the spindle is turned to a certain level...

When i removed the gears the motor and put the batteries in the motor turns on and just spins non stop.. so am thinking it's either not getting the single to stop.. or there is a trip somewhere that keeps it running?? i tested the pot i think with a multimeter following youtube and using ohm setting i get an increasing reading at different turns on the pot.. and when the motor is going it will reverse direction depending on where i turn the pot..

I noticed one little blue box that has an adjustable dial it appears on it, there appears to be no continuity between the two wires on either side when i checked.. I have no idea what this blue box is and what is supposed to do or if there should even be continuity between these two wires..

So after all that was hoping for some suggestions/opinions on what i should try checking or insights worse comes to worse i will rig up some bicycle parts to make the tension wire adjustable manually.. but would be cool if a simple electronic part replacement would fix it..

I hope this pics help what I've been describing.. Thanks for your time!!


Looks like a standard servo, easy / cheap to replace.  It will be for moving a magnet used
for electromagnetic braking on the flywheel I think.
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More google/amazon searching and found out the little blue dial is a variable resister trimmer so some more youtubing and saw how to test one out.. opened it up to allow no resistance and everything is working!!! for now :p

Thanks for the response..

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