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I think that I2C bus that run less than 100 kHz is too slow for the task I am find a solution for.

The chip I pointed to runs at 400kHz

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Don't forget adressing size, instruction, memory space, etc.

A 8-bit microcontroller is enough to run some stepper motor at each. For example 3-bit is for instruction and such, 2-bit for pins to the stepper motor, 2-bit for stop the instruction set, and one additional bit for example with toggle switch. That should be enough with one 8-bit microcontroller for 6-8 stepper motors. Thus, I need 10 microcontrollers, which should support ethernet to share with ONE ethernet port in the main computer, to make it easier than USB and other options.

Or another solution is to have a lot of microcontrollers with ethernet support through switch to share with one computer?


I have two pieces of 10 kOhm , shall I have 18 or 22 kOhm pull-down ?
Now I trying just one rotary encoder to practice, and additional one more to practice with two analog inputs. It is just for practice test.

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